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Rescue dogs are prone to anxiety. How can we help them?

I adopted a rescue in September 2017. I named him Bentley. He's a bit high maintenance but adorable and makes me laugh! He was two years old when we met. The rescue organization had very little information about him but I was told he was abandoned. He was found in Ramona, which is an hour northeast of San Diego. Summers are brutal in Ramona and home to rattle snacks, coyotes and other predators. The humane society found him and he was to be euthanized. Two hours before he was to be destroyed, the organization I adopted him from was contacted and rescued Bentley. He was flea and tick infested, under weight and dehydrated. Temperatures in Ramona can reach 100 plus.

He jumped into my chair shortly after he arrived! After an hour, I signed the paperwork and he was my love-bug!
Our first meeting!

When I met Bentley, he seemed happy but his eyes told a different story, to this day I see sadness when I look into his eyes. I didn't know he had anxiety at first but after discussing his behavior with my sister, she has been working through her anxiety and depression. I researched the topic. I had to agree with my sister's diagnosis, it was anxiety. I read several articles most consistent remedy was exercise. I exercise on a regular basis so that was not going to be a problem. He joined me on walks several times a day. Unfortunately, it didn't help much but continued the routine. I decided to try a combination of running and walking for an hour or more instead of several walks during the day. Some days I would see improvement but others not so much. I took him to a group obedience class, that was a waste of time and money. I bought a thunder shirt, that didn't help. I tried lavender essential oil again this didn't work and so many other products. A lot of time and money had gone to waste. Fast forward to 2018, we started HIIT training, that showed some positive results. I also sent him to obedience boot camp for a month and in 2019, I discovered a blend of essential oils made locally in San Diego, a calming oil for dogs. HIIT and obedience training and the calming oil were major game changers. On the days I didn't have time to train Bentley, I used the calming oil. After going through this with Bentley, the time and money spent, I decided I wanted to pass on my knowledge to help people and their rescue dogs so I made the decision to start Mr. B's Canine Line. I started with the anxiety relief and now my dog line includes nose and paw balm, antiseptic spray, cbd balm and soon will be adding shampoo. I donate anxiety relief to rescue organizations and to people I meet that have dogs with anxiety issues. My products are all natural non-toxic, vegan and made with organic essential oils.


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