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Mother nature's healing energy heals humans and our four legged friends!

Did you know that earthing is great for humans as well as your pets? Mother nature's unfiltered natural light helps animals and humans heal wounds and can change our mental state. When I step outside and feel the warmth from the sun, I instantly feel a shift in my mood and energy level! It's natural for animals to earth/ground. Before I heard the word earthing or grounding, Bentley, my rescue pup, would earth/ground. I noticed after long walks that Bentley would plant himself on the grass or between bushes, it was super cute and thought he was tired from our walk! After watching him, I started to ponder his actions. I spoke with family and friends about it and researched the topic.

Bare feet or paws exposed to the earth or grass are another way to heal. Our four legged friends gravitate to natural light and bare earth, grass or sand. Bentley loves the beach and it's very healing for him!! In addition to Mother nature's healing remedies, I use Mr. B's Canine line's antiseptic spray at I clean Bentley's wounds to help the healing process. I also clean his fur and paws after a day at the beach or before entering the house or car. I also use to clean Bentley's ears as well!

In addition, natural light provides vitamin D, which is essential for humans so although we want to use sun screen we should expose our skin to midday sun 10- 30 minutes several times a day per week. Exposing yourself and your dog to Mother nature's natural light or earth can be beneficial. The exposure to sun also aides the function of our endocrine system. The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things.

According to San Diego health researcher Dale Teplitz, “Clinical research suggests that standing on the earth can decrease inflammation and increase circulation to accelerate healing in dogs and people. When we are wounded, the immune system springs into action sending scavengers to the site to break down damaged tissues for removal from the body. Earth contact provides an unlimited supply of free electrons to neutralize excess free radicals that cause inflammation.” *

Author: CJ Puotinen


In addition to natural remedies be sure to include exposure to natural light and earth/ground barefoot for healing, it's great for you and your pup! #earth #earthing #energy #ground #grounding #selfcare #selflove #dogs #pups #naturalhealing #natural #heal

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