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In 2012, I made a conscious decision to make changes to my lifestyle. The shift from old habits to healthier was gradual but significant. I continue that lifestyle today, eat healthier, include Lagree fitness, and utilize natural products and remedies. I use natural whenever possible. 

In 2017, I adopted a rescue, Bentley, and quickly discovered he had anxiety and allergies. Bentley's vet prescribed drugs, which I researched and decided not to give Bentley. I bought multiple products for his anxiety and started him on regular exercise but did not fix it. We went through several months of obedience training and therapy dog training. The training made a huge difference, and he was a different dog! We are paying it forward, we are a certified therapy dog team and visit Hospice patients and the terminally ill.

In early 2019 I discovered A&M's products, specifically a blend of essential oils to calm and alleviate anxiety. I use anxiety relief oil and spray on car rides and when Bentley has a difficult time settling. I removed lamb and chicken from his diet for his allergies, and the itching and scratching went away.

The worse part of Bentley's issues was the anxiety. He was suffering, and I was frustrated, stressed, and I began to feed off his anxiety.  It was not a good situation for either of us. The problem was enough to decide to give Bentley and me three months to sort out the anxiety, and if unable to fix the issue, I was going to return him to the rescue organization. I am sure most people adopting a rescue for the first time can relate to what I went through with Bentley. Unfortunately, most rescue dogs are returned or abandoned for this reason.  From that experience, I knew I wanted to help rescue dogs and the people who adopt them, and that is why I started Mr. B's Canine Line.


Mr. B's started with anxiety relief, and we now have a canine line made with organic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils. I have also added collars, leashes, and bowties to honor my beautiful collie Tiffany who passed in 2017, and shortly after that, I adopted Bentley. Mr. B's is a woman-owned business.

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